Sunday, February 12, 2012

Music to Get You Looking Forward to Summertime!

In the summertime, you will have more time to go to concerts. I love concerts... I love how a whole bunch of strangers come together and are suddenly bonded over the one thing they have in common: the love of music. Or, more, specifically, that band for whatever the reason. So, here are some artists I want to see live in summer 2012!
Which is better? The non-official (they have an official video, but this one is better and a normal YouTube user made it) video for the studio version of "Airplanes" by the Local Natives or...
...the acoustic version WITH a mandolin!?

Well, though the video BennisHahn made is pretty darn cool, the live version makes me wanna meet the Local Natives soooo badly. I mean, an interview is sooo likely--- there are only like, twenty people at that concert! Which is weird... they are a really popular band... then again, they're indie artists. That's why I love them. Hey, you--- you never gave me that album... which is kinda illegal... but oh well. I still want it. And I will hunt you down until I get it. Remember, we have every class together. And if I don't have that album by Tuesday... then again, I have every class with you that day, too. I will do anything to get that CD.

Yeah. I love my Local Natives. And I am in the process of recording a cover of it. It will be on YouTube soon, and I have been working sooo hard on it. It also happens to be the funnest song ever to play and helps with math! Just look:

Inverse variations in math and inversions on guitar mean: In math, the X and Y axises are doing the opposite things--- as one decreases, the other increases. On guitar, (just an example, there are waaaay cooler inversions out there) the lead E string and bass E are playing the same notes, but one is higher, one is lower. Now, you know one fun way to play guitar AND a little something to help with eighth grade math! Now THAT'S how to succeed in math without really trying!

In the GIF post "Story of my Life" I posted many GIFs from the video "Here I Go" by megan and Liz. I kinda wanna see these twins live... but they're with Allstar Weekend... no interview, no go.

Oh my gosh I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE Deas Vail, and a concert would make me feel complete. Like, seriously. I have everything a Deas Vail fan needs. An entire album, a wristband, a poster, autographs (legit), their Christmas music (yes, I listen to it year-round... don't judge me!), singing their song in band at State and going to Phoenix for Nationals, I put a Deas Vail wallpaper on a school computer thinking the netbook was Deep-Frozen... turns out it isn't so now it's stuck there, I learned "Shoreline" on piano, "Desire" on bass, and the lead to "Excuses" on guitar (not saying I remember it because I don't). All I need now: concert, T-shirt, interview. And my soul shall be complete. I mean...

If I snag an interview, I will cry like a baby!!!!!!!!! I will probably be the first fan to do so (both to interview and to cry) since Deas Vail is also an indie band. But if I get an interview with even just ONE of them, I will be like, praisin' Jesus (seriously)! I need that interview. But I can't meet Deas Vail without wearing one of their shirts... That's like, illegal or something! So yeah... I'm stalkin' you guys, be very afraid...

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