Monday, February 13, 2012

What Will People Think When They Hear That I'm a 90s Freak???

I love the 90s... was born in '98, so it makes sense, right? However, I've got a confession: I love cartoons. The old ones. Preferably from the 90s. And possibly Disney??? Not the new Disney crap though, don't worry.
Here are funny (and sad) videos of cartoons.

This is hilarious--- I love how Howl is such a drama king whiny baby--- "I give up. I see no point in living if I can't be beautiful." Drama king. Drama king. Reminds me of that book series on here from "the violent fifth grade" (Mat Kearney quote! And tomorrow is the last day to get his "Young Love" album for $5 at any Family Christian Stores lcoation! I got it and give it about 4 stars. Why not 5? Too much not-so-Christlike stuff ["...Albatross--- that's a metaphor for death!" LoL, sorry... my sister was a makeup artist in our school's first production, which was "How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying"] but then it all tied together in the end). Fifth grade feels so long ago... can't believe I've been blogging since then. It still feels weird seeing my horrible grammar from when I was ten years old.

Okay, this was numbered waaaaayyyy wrong: MUFASA'S DEATH SHOULD HAVE BEEN NUMBER ONE!!!! Everybody loves Mufasa. Dude, when I was little I always wanted to cry on that part but my eyes never let me... that part of "The Lion King" scarred me for life, and the music is just beautiful going along with it. And just by chance I checked Hans Zimmer's Wiki and voila! He composed "The Lion King"! Yeah, Zimmer simmers alright:)

So.... Here's what the numbering should have been
1. Mufasa (that part still is so powerful, nearly eighteen years later)
2. Bambi (the music is really haunting... you know, that old people choir in the background? Yeah. Creepy). His mommy died. And that whole movie makes me wanna cry.
3. Gurgi. He committed suicide--- he told the boy not to jump and said he has a lot of friends. "But Gurgi," he said, "Has no friends." :(
4. Shang because he didn't even die. Mulan 2 was really crappy, but when she throws the sword down or whatever, it's really painfulto watch.
5. That random firefly from "Princess and the Frog."

Yeah. That's the wonderful world of Disney.

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