Saturday, April 20, 2013

What I Like About You!

I recently noticed there is a pattern in what I find cute, thing I never noticed until now. I think there is some psychology going on here. So, here is my taste in guys.

  1. Left-handed. I just noticed that left-handedness and being ambidextrous attract me. Maybe it's because I'm left-handed, myself. I have a calendar meant for lefties that has a fact that we tend to spot other lefties easily. Maybe that's it. But I never seem to really notice they're left-handed until they mention it. Maybe that's a thing with psychology; my mind knows they're left-handed but I never really think about it, maybe.
  2. Beautiful, brown or blue eyes. I cannot resist beautiful eyes. You can be tall, you can be muscular. But I do not care about that. If you have eyes that look like the ocean or hot chocolate, I'm bound to stare at you for a very long time. Especially if they are extremely focused. I'm not saying you can't have a lazy eye, but I love it when people actually look me in the eye. Which is strange, coming from a girl who looks down... a lot.
  3. Disnerds. This is the name of my lovely, Disney-loving fandom. You don't need to be obsessed... just highly, HIGHLY knowledgeable about Disney and not turned off when I talk about it too much. And like to watch the movies (so, if there is someone who needs an eye exam out there who likes me, you need to go on and catch up on the films you watched ten years ago!). If you don't like watching them with me, that is understandable... after all, I do speak every line and sing every song, which I can imagine is pretty annoying.
  4. Balanced conversation participation. I like a guy who doesn't talk too much, but isn't afraid to cut me off when I get annoying. Which doesn't allow him to be rude, I just like a balanced conversation.
  5. Similar beliefs, but not necessarily the exact same. This only really applies to relationships. Which I haven't been in, like, any yet and I don't think I will for a while.
  6. Smiley. You don't have to smile every minute or be fake, I just love people who smile every now and then.
  7. Emotionally stable. I am not saying it's wrong to be depressed, but if I were to date a guy who constantly needed someone around him to be happy, it wouldn't work because I can't do that.
  8. Smart. Now, now, now. I will be honest here. I am not a straight A student. I am not a straight B student (but hey, no Ds or Fs have shown up on my report cards... then again, at my school a D is an F). However, I put so much effort into my work... you don't even know. Most people are surprised when they hear I've never had a 4.0 GPA or that I have only passed a few math quizzes and tests. Others automatically assume I'm stupid because I am a crazy child ("If there's a prize for rotten judgment, I guess I've already won that"). No one quite gets it right. But wouldn't I love a man who raises his hand in class, isn't afraid of being wrong, is completely confident, loves to help those struggling. Someone who isn't just academically smart (meaning if you have a lack of common sense, I won't like you).
  9. Musical. I am obsessed with music, can't you tell? If I were to date a guy who wasn't big on it, couldn't play an instrument, or, must I say, didn't know what the musical Aida was (only the most amazing love triangle ever, without a need for Team Amneris and Team Aida... wouldn't make sense), it wouldn't last long! I like someone with an appreciation for music in all its forms--- especially Broadway!
  10. Clean. I am not talking about showering, though that's preferred as well. I'm talking about language. Cuss words turn me off just. like. that. I like people who can express themselves without being censored.
  11. Into writing. Boy, do I admire a writer! I love poets, but bloggers... oh yes.
  12. Respects me. Those that know me know that some things I just don't tolerate. It really bothers me that even fellow black people use the word (I personally don't consider it a cuss word, but derogatory) "nigger" or "nigga" because of the past behind that word. When people who clearly know my hatred for that word say it, it gets on my nerves. I also hate when people point out my flaws. I don't like 'em either, you know and I would like it if you didn't go all Claude Frollo on me ("You are deformed and you are ugly...").
  13. Cuddly. I like to hug people. While watching Disney movies, I love to cuddle but since I usually watch them alone, I end up getting all snuggly with pillows and my Mickey Mouse blanket. So, warning: I am cuddly.
  14. Passionate. One male version of Lilo, coming right up.
  15. Appreciation for gymnastics. I really like guys who are into the Olympics, and especially gymnastics. However, I am even more attracted to those who participated in gymnastics. And if they made it to a higher level than me? Frustrating but impressive.
  16. Desire to see the world. I long to visit West, South... anywhere and everywhere in Africa. Explore my ancestors' homeland. I have never been so proud to be black, so much that I am not as offended as I used to be with the title, African-American. I am American first, no doubt about it. However, my heart is in Africa. In this way I relate to Jane Porter, because if I had the opportunity, I wouldn't be like, "I belong in England... with you, with people..." I'd be like, "BYE!" I want to go everywhere. Take me to Paris, to Egypt, to Zimbabwe, to freaking Canada for all I care. I just want someone who is looking for adventure.
  17. Fun. One of the most important things is never growing up together.
Well, this is all it takes for me to like you. Unfortunately. Well, I have been working on this post since 8 a.m. this morning.

Hakuna matata,

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