Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Lion King: Begin Again

I think it's safe to say that the message behind this movie tracks back to a famous Walter Elias Disney quote. "Keep moving forward."

When tragedy strikes, you've got to get up. That's the thing about life--- no matter what happens, it continues and you have to move along with it. You never know "what's around the riverbend waiting just around the riverbend." But you have to change. Change is good. What causes it can be bad, but something good almost always comes out of it.

Just about every character in this movie had to change in some sort of way for things to turn out right for them. Simba had to leave what was comfortable for him and face the death of his father. Nala was willing to leave her home to get help and as a result, found the one true king... alive. Mufasa saved his son's life and as a result, gave up his own. Sarabi got herself slapped standing up to the king for what she believed (let's not forget that she's the leader of the need-no-man crew--- her husband frickin' died and she's still the baddest cat in the pride!). Timon and Pumbaa could have died trying to make sure Simba could get past the hyenas. So, the one person---er, lion---who didn't change?

Scar. And we've all seen what happened to him--- what a way to go. Of all ways to die, I gotta admit he had it really rough. I mean, dang! His friends ate him! But he never changed. He kept lying, he kept scheming, he kept taking the easy way out. Long story short, Banzai got the entree he wanted!

The circle of life was messed up. And what did they have to do? Begin again. Start a new pride. A new future. And they didn't look back for very long. They kept moving forward.

Things happen. But if you hold onto your past and never forgive yourself, you can never move on. And so they kept moving forward, eyes looking straight ahead.

"Walking out doors only works if you shut them."
-Measure, "Begin Again"

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