Thursday, August 2, 2012

Goals Before School Starts

School is in two weeks. I need to finish up summer reading, summer music, summer workouts, and summer reinventions. So, here are my goals for the end of summer:


"Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen. Some person requested it, so now I can't renew it, and it's got to be done before Louisville. And it's the biggest book I'm reading right now. Plus 13 others.

"Seventeenth Summer" by Maureen Daly. I knew this book was old when I realized the author was dead (AND born in 1921). And someone requested it, so this has to be done before Louisville as well, and oh yeah, I haven't even STARTED this one.


I'm currently doing two piano books before I start lessons in the fall. One is "Piano for Dummies." It's like, having a teacher in a book. Then, I have an old book from when my mom started lessons a really long time ago (she doesn't play anymore) which I just use because it has quizzes. Very useful to help prepare for the school year and make sure I don't forget what I've learned.

For violin I'm using the book "Play Violin Today! Level One" and I will use this series until I can find a teacher. It's helping me learn my notes. And, the scales are finally starting to sound like real songs! I also use "Tipbook for Violin and Viola" for info on the violin and keeping it in good shape.


So, I figured since I'm out of gymnastics, when I'm seventeen I'll try to get back in and move from Level 1 (I was higher than that, I was in the competition levels) and try to get higher than I was so I can stop sitting around saying, "Oh, I wish I was still a gymnast." So, in order to still be fit by then, I really need to get into some flexibility, conditioning, and of course, TUMBLING!

My split leaps have always... uh... sucked. LUCKILY! I have a mini-trampoline that I prop up to be a springboard that helps me open my legs more. Once I master that, I'll just do it on the trampoline. Then, after that, to the floor.

I have been studying this GIF all week to find out how Sam Peszek is doing this. Every time I think I have a clue, I find out she's doing something else. To get this skill (simply so I can brag about it), I need to perfect a cartwheel aerial, perfect my round-off that I used to have perfectly, and do push-ups like, every day.

I am just gonna do back walkovers off the couch. I give up on the floor.
I used to be flexible… you wanna know what happens when you quit competitive gymnastics and the only excersise you get is 30 minutes of gym class? It ain’t pretty…
I am soooooo gonna get into yoga and stretching.

I can still do this! But I can't hold it, so I need to work on my balance and stretch out that leg so I can go higher.


So, if you don't like something about yourself and you can change it, change it. So here's what I'm doing:

Handstands to make my arms bigger.
"Supermans" to tone my abs.
Wax eyebrows.
Use hair removal cream instead of a razor (I get really bad razor burn).
Take speech and debate to get out of my shell.
Read more blogs and novels and poetry and song lyrics to inspire me.
I'm currently homeschooling myself for the summer in Science, Algebra I, and just finished Chinese (the book was "Bitter Melon" by Cara Chow--- one of my favorites now).

Those are my goals for the end of summer! Think I can do it?

"Take all of your chances while you can. You'll never know when they'll pass you by."
-Athlete (my favorite British band!)

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