Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stage Presence: What NOT to Do

I've been showing you what all the right moves for stage presence are, but have you noticed what's missing? There are things that all singers get wrong (even the ones with record deals), and you might have that one bad habit that I haven't combatted. Well, here's what NOT to do, so if you're doing any of what I say not to do, now is the time to stop!

Hello everybody, this is Nina and Mark. Despite the shaky beginnings and the lack of hearing Mark's voice, they can sing. And Mark---- he sure knows harmony! Mark, you can do a duet with me any time. Any time.

There are a few flaws I found in this, which is completely normal because they are not perfect. There were some problems with Nina's beginning, but their stage presence just... bothers me. And Mark, don't think you're safe because I like your voice a lot--- your stage presence kinda bothered me. Maybe I'm just being a little strict because the FAF band's lead singer Mariah sang a solo of this that I heard a minimum of fifteen times. But still, I know what I want in a cover.

First, what's up, Mark? You look mad or bored or something at 0:11 and pretty much the rest of the time you weren't singing. Don't get me wrong--- the voice rocks. And Nina--- is your arm glued to your side? I had that problem---technically, I still do---and that's what they (my youth pastor and our band's {we like to call her} manager) told me. Just remove the arm from the side sometimes. Tap your hand on your side sometimes to keep up with the percussion/rhythm (the timing here was messed up a little, sorry...) and that'll kill time there. Or, if you have a fidgeting problem, just slip that arm behind your back. Sometimes, do what you're doing.

Now, what REALLY bothered me was 3:01 through to 3:24. Guys, that's over twenty seconds of awkward silence (excluding violins)! I know that instrumentals can feel awkward, even a little embarrassing because there's well... nothing to do. My problem was I looked down at the ground throughout the entire guitar solo during my song because I had nothing to do. Don't look down, but don't just stand there either. You may feel frustrated when trying to not look down and not just stand there, and you might think, "Well then what am I supposed to do?" You're supposed to come up with something. Ad-Lib if you have to. What Mariah did when she sang "Unredeemed" on that instrumental was she ad-libbed something that was originally in the song (as in the ad-libs were originally there). Here's the chorus:

"Places where grace is, soon to be... so... amazing. It may be unfufilled. It may be unrestored. But when anything that's shattered is laid before the LORD, just watch and see... it will not be... unredeemed."

Here's what Mariah and Selah added to the chorus when the instrumental rolled around:

"Ooh... it will not be, UNREDEEMED. Yeah yeah... yeah..."

If you ad-lib, all awkwardness ceases.

Cimorelli, you never cease to amaze me. I'll admit, I was extra picky on y'all, girls with the record deal. Christina that plays piano. Katherine on bass. Lisa (believe it or not) doing percussion. Amy with a guitar. I was extra tough on this somewhat-acappella group.

0:34--- DON'T LOOK DOWN! Normally, I would let that slide because it was apart of Amy's stage presence, but from a fan's view and not a singer's, we want to see your pretty face!

I love 1:22. Watch how Lisa smiles when Lauren hits that high note. Lisa must be proud of her lil' sis.

1:43. Dani. The eyelash thing could have waited. I don't care if you had a plank in your eye--- I have sung with eyelashes in my eye, an itchy back, messed up hair, giant pimples, poky legs, plaque-y teeth, an urge to swallow, sneeze, or cough--- if I had to tolerate that, the eyelash thing could have waited. And I don't want to be mean to you, Dani, but 1:48 looked forced. Fake. Rehearsed. Unprofessional. Mainly unprofessional, because even though you were touching your hair for stage presence, it looked like you were touching it for the fun of it. So just don't. On the bright side, I can tell you're improving, Dani! You're gonna have a strong voice soon if you keep this up!

FAVE BLOOPERS: 4:21... *after a long silence* "I'm Lauren". At 4:24, when she was like, "I am sorry", it reminded me of me. I don't know why.  4:32: "My haters, sorry that you couldn't phase me". Sorry, I just wrote a Nicki Minaj quote. I love 5:37 when Christina's like, "Lauren's the best little sister I've ever had", and Dani looks like, "Oh no she did not"! 5:57--- Lisa, you're not just a percussionist--- you sing better than... I don't know, I'll think of someone.

I'm sorry that this is the same song as the first video. You only have to watch it a little bit, I promise. 2:03 is what I want you to see. All I say is, DO NOT watch your partner when in an ensemble or band! It looks like you don't know what you're doing.

I hoped this help you develop your vocal skills (and anyhting else that applies)! Thanks for reading!

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