Saturday, September 3, 2011

Isn't it September?

I'm BAAAAACCCKKKK! Ha ha ha. You missed me?

I'm back with a whole bunch of ideas for the start of school. More music and lyric posts than ever before, more creative writing, more music updates, more Christian posts (one coming very soon), and so on...

As you may have noticed, may not have noticed, I took "I'm homeschooled" out of my profile biography. So long, homeschool! At orientation, I walked in not knowing anyone and feeling very... I don't know... awkward. But, I didn't give the awkward feeling the time to settle, because I wasn't going to be the shy girl this time, not again! Now, the first day of school isn't even here yet and I've got like, seven friends! Not just friends that I found randomly (I did find them randomly, actually). These are Hans Zimmer fans (you know that song, "Time" that I love? Some of my friends like that song, too), bass guitarists, some are Christians, Paramore fans... you name it. This is gonna be a good year, and I'm inviting like, all my friends to go to Youth with me (and I am sure I'm gonna walk my talk)!

And, I've got a whole bunch of colorful friends--- literally! I have a green-haired friend, a pink-haired friend, a ginger... you name it.

Well, the music life is alright for me. In the week I didn't post, I listened to music into the wee hours (and pulled off an accidental all-nighter on Thursday) and practiced guitar, piano, bass, and vocals. "It's a good life, yeah you got it right" (You will find where I got that quote from in a lyric post coming from me soon)! Here's an update!

GUITAR: I learned (most of) the guitar lead from "Talk" by Coldplay (the only part I haven't learned is "Let's talk. Let's ta-a-a-alk")! Since my dad refuses to teach me chords before notes, I decided I should try lead guitar before rhythm. Some would do rhythm guitar first to start out "simple", but lead is so much easier for me! However, I have the slowest fingers a girl could have, so I'm typing only with my right hand right now so I can fret with it faster. It's hard having a right-handed guitar teacher when you're left-handed, because I'm playing it a certain way that he can't really do, so then he has to turn the guitar around which is hard for demonstrating because the Lead E string is supposed to be at the bottom and when he turns it around it's at the top... maybe I explained it weirdly, but if you played with a guitar (even just playfully) before, you know what I mean.
PIANO: My fingers move pretty quickly with this one. I've always been one to play by ear, so it's kinda easy. I don't know chords though, so that sucks. And I don't really like sheet music that has treble clefs and bass clefs because it's like reading a foreign language. And this girl is not bilingual, except for a small amount of ASL. But my dad wants me to learn it anyway because he doesn't like reading music by chords... he likes traditional sheet music better. I think my fingers move well with this because it's a keyboard, and I'm kind of keyboarding right now. How did my typing skills not transition with guitar? I don't know. But yeah. I'm currently working on "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears For Fears and "Growing Pains" by Deas Vail. I'm pretty much done with "Growing Pains"--- stay tuned for a lyric post of that one.
BASS: On string bass, I learned "Time" by Hans Zimmer. It's so fun! I thought learning strings would be harder than guitar 'cause it's fretless, but no. I actually work better without frets. For my thirteenth birthday, I'm asking for a bow so I can play bass in a different style--- I wanna call it cello 'cause that's what it will sound like.
VOCALS: Dude, on Tuesday, I had like, a six hour vocal lesson (*COUGH* with myself *COUGH*). I started out with higher pitched songs, and with every one of them, I was like, "FAIL!" No. It was more like, "FAAAAAAAYYYYYYLLLLL"! Then, when I moved into a more comfortable range, it sounded great. Then I went back to the high songs and I sounded marvelous! It's so easy practicing with my vocal coach! She's awesome! Can you believe she taught herself? And she has a low vocal range, too! By coincidence, she listens to Deas Vail, Relient K, Paramore, Fireflight, Owl City... she even has something against Coldplay, too! We're one and the same--- literally, LoL! One time, she let me practice for a full thirty minutes to Justin Bieber, but then for two hours she made me sing "Excuses" because band practice was cancelled so she made me sing my vocal chords dry. Tough teacher I've got.

Stay tuned for A LOT of lyric posts! Get it? Stay TUNED? Ha ha! 'Cause you know how instruments get out of tune... Oh gosh....

September also means...
Although I love September, we all know one thing not so cheery about this month: September 11th, 2001. It's gonna be the ten year anniversary. So, what am I going to do? Well, the blog template will be changed to a special 9/11 theme to remember those who died on that day. I'll try not to make things too depressing, though. You will be reading a short story written by me.

So yeah. This month's gonna be great, and good luck at school/college/work, everyone!

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