Friday, July 31, 2009

Adventures with ME day 3

Since yesterday on Tuesday we went to a homeless shelter and perform our 'ministry stuff', today we were going to perform again. Here's a little bit of info on the 'stuff'...

Clowning: The clowns danced to "ain't no mountain high enough" by PureNRG.
Dance: A group of girls that danced to "soldiers" by Out of Eden. (the fourth song on my---I mean your---playlist)
Human Videos 1 & 2: A mix between acting and dancing. My group, human video 1, did "by your side" by Tenth Avenue North, (sixth song on your iPod) and human video 2 did "all that matters" by Addison Road. (fifth song on your iPod)
Gospel Illusions: doing magic while preaching. (Amen, sista! LoL!)

Wednesday was clearly fun and entertaining. Plus, Cameron ate a WHOLE apple, and for him, that means seeds, core, stem, EVERYTHING. Yeah. It was REALLY gross to watch, seriously. Juice mixed with spit was running down his face, he was laughing, chewing with his mouth open, I wanna barf just thinking about it. Well, no diaries:(

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