Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adventures with ME Day 2

my day started at 7:30 because we had to go to breakfast. I couldn't believe that yesterday, I woke up in a tiny room with two black polka-dotted beds and gymnastics posters surrounding me. But today... (not really today) I woke up in a college dorm with a BIG window, that was so big, at night when you turned off the lights, it would still look bright! My roommate was Micheala Brennan (Mickey) and my next door neighbors that I shared a bathroom with was Meghan Newman and Hali Woken. All of them were in my van and I got their email adresses and well, I think you know we became friends! The good thing? Meghan and Mickey are from Cleveland and Euclid, therefore, one day, I could maybe visit their church or something! (New Song) That would be more than cool to see them again! No idea where Hali lives. (pronounced HEY-LE, Meghan pronounced MAY-GIN, Micheala pronounced MICK-KAYLA) Back to Tuesday, since that was all the way in Saturday, we went swimming at a waterpark, and there was no service, so no Diaries:(

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