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Attack on Titan Predictions

If you've been reading this blog lately, you may have figured out that I'm really, really into Shingeki no Kyojin, also known in the English world as Attack on Titan.

I started out by watching the anime, due to the ever-growing SNK fandom on Tumblr, and once I finished the first season, I decided to start reading the manga from the beginning. I just completed volume 10, and have come to a shocking prediction, that I am 90% sure just might be true.

If you have not at least finished volume 9 (I recommend reading 10 before reading this post), this post is not for you. If you've read volume 11, then, who knows? Maybe a lot has happened that makes my info completely incorrect or old news. But I haven't read that, so shh.

Grisha Yaeger... Titan, maybe?

First, let's get this one out of the way, since Eren's father is the main reason this post exists. I've always found him rather mysterious, aye? At first, I only thought so because of the whole I'll-show-you-the-basement thing (what's in the basement, anyway?). However, now that I've been reading the manga, I've noticed some other weird things about his character. I still have no idea what the heck is in the basement, but hear me out.

In the manga, in the first few pages, there is a list of all of the characters. Every once in awhile you'll see an X through the dead people, but for the most part, they're all living. Even if they're dead, though, the characters listed are always relevant, whereas we've only seen Grisha in the first few chapters. Even his description hints that he'll be coming back into the story soon, since it never mentions him dying. It just says that he disappeared five years ago. So, obviously he's busy doing something else.

Sure, maybe it's just a coincidence. But let's think deeper, chickadees. Some characters with weak development, like my beloved and deceased Petra Ral, have been removed from the character description area. Weird, huh? Yet, Marco Bott is still listed even though he has been dead for a much longer time, and Grisha Yaeger was just recently removed.

So, why did they feel the need to exorcise Petra and Oluo when Marco is dead as well and Grisha has hardly been relevant? I'll get into Marco's bit later, but here's my hypothesis about Grisha.

Notice they stopped mentioning Grisha when, or right after, the beast titan became apart of the story. This is not the only reason I believe he is the beast titan. Not only is the titan intelligent, but it can speak, which, again is not a good reason, because Ymir could speak in titan form as well. However, it shows that a human may be controlling it.

However, remember what Mikasa said about Annie? "I always thought [the female titan] looked like Annie," she stated in volume 8. Which is true. I've noticed that all of the titan shifters have looked like their titan form in just the slightest way. Annie's blond hair and pretty eyes. Ymir's hair. Eren's hair and eyes. Reiner's muscular build. Bertolt's facial structure. 

Am I the only one who thinks the ape titan just might look like Grisha Yaeger? And, for some reason, I always imagined its voice to sound the way I imagined his would sound. 

Also, when they were in the castle in volume 10, someone (don't remember who... already returned my book to the library) said, "They've been toying with us from the start." I think this means that the titans have had motives to kill, and they are not as stupid as the humans have thought them to be. Someone has been leading them, and my head-canon is that that someone is Grisha Yaeger.

It's sad to think his character might really be this way, because he's done so many good things. He helped the Ackerman family with something no one knows about (something to look into, maybe?), he gave Eren the titan power that he used to seal a hole and, of course, fight, and he took Mikasa in when she had nowhere to go. So, why do I feel like there is so much more to him that we don't know about?

Also, in volume 10, when the 104th kids are wondering where all the titans have been coming from, Connie (I think it was...) says, "It was that beast titan!" and we can see him doing some kind of Tarzan/George of the Jungle thing on top of a wall. I think that, whether that's Grisha in there or not, the titan has been summoning the titans in one way or another. Maybe it's usually in the daytime, but sometimes he chooses the night. 

So, in a nutshell, my evidence is pretty weak, but still I hold on to this hypothesis, because I believe in some way, I am right.


I don't even remember what volume this is from, but remember Ilse Langnar? The woman who had lost her horse and scouting legion who had communicated with a titan? Not even an intelligent one-- a normal titan! I'm getting like Squad Leader Hange right now, because this is so exciting! I feel so smart right now!

Well, when the titan spoke to her, he mentioned the name, "Ymir." Ymir is some sort of Viking god, I think, but I'm pretty sure this is relating to Ymir, the soldier from 104th. Since obviously there is something about Ymir that makes her like Krista in some way, I think that like Krista, she may be a part of a noble family that may be the head of the titan shifters or something.

But I'm not as sure about this prediction, to be honest.

Marco Bott

I always thought it was kind of weird, the way he died and all. Along with the rest of the fandom, my first thought was, "How did he die? Did he kill himself? How do we even know that's him?" I won't attach a photo because his death scene makes me very squeamish, but there's just so much confusion. 

Another thing about the whole why-do-we-keep-talking-about-Marco situation. I really don't think he's dead. I don't know if he's a titan shifter or they misidentified his body, but I have a strong feeling we haven't seen the last of Marco. After all, he didn't exactly have a big finale.

Enough of my predictions... how about you?

Does Mikasa harbor some feelings for Eren? (They're almost like siblings, but...)
Who else could be a titan shifter?
What was the point in trying to destroy humanity? (I'm looking at YOU, Reiner, Annie, and Bertolt)
Will Squad Leader Hange show more of her serious (and kinda scary) side in the anime?
And the age old question: What's in the basement, anyway?

The world may never know.

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