Thursday, July 18, 2013

What to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

Summer can be pretty boring, and I probably didn't even need to say that. In fact, I know I didn't. But it seems pretty upsetting to wait ten months for summer to come and then summer ends up being a complete waste of time, aye? That's why I decided to use this time for independent projects.

Here are some examples of what to do when you have nothing to do.
  • In 2009, I took up blogging and creative writing. I was a terrible writer in fifth and sixth grade, but I wanted to do it and well, I guess it semi-got-me-somewhere. I also started decorating cakes back then, and now I can make wedding cakes (but I just can't master those stinkin' roses!).
  • In 2010, I began collaging and became a collector. Remember how I loved the 2010 Winter Olympics? Honestly, I still prefer the Winter Games over the Summer Games. You can see some of the stuff I collaged in middle school here. It's a good way to use up time and not waste old magazines! Also, it's fun to find a cute little hobby you can always go back to without having to re-learn how to bend all four elements and run a marathon. By being a collector and collager, I can always look back at the things I have and smile. Plus, you can always add more.
  • In 2011, I taught myself guitar. Well... started to teach myself guitar. I didn't really start playing well until 2012. Even now, I've only played in front of six people, excluding eighth grade talent show. Still, though, I started. All because of a simple sexist comment: Girls can't play guitar nearly as well as men can. That's literally why I picked up my six-year-old guitar and started playing it. I don't regret a minute of finger pain, because I love playing now! Find an instrument to play or sport to learn.
  • In 2012, I learned basic piano and sheet music. I also purchased a violin and autoharp. This knowledge helped me with my career of choice, musical theatre! So, learn something new! Always wanted to be a biker but when you were little you were attached to your training wheels at the hip? Learn how! There's a reason the desire is in your heart and there's a reason you want to do it.
  • This year, I'm taking classes in modeling for an agency, went to a musical theatre camp, and I'm learning to draw! These are things I've always wanted to do for nearly my whole life now, and I love it! Also, as a result of decorating cakes in 2009, it paid off by placing very high in my Air Force Base's county! I think I placed first, actually. And I haven't placed first in anything (other than homecoming court) since first grade. But, I got an award and moved up to State Fair level. Believe in yourselves, you little nuggets! Something you may have started because of boredom could come back around and reward you! I highly doubt I'll become an animator, but why not try?
Does that give you any ideas? And though I don't know how many people actually read my posts (well, I kinda do... but it's not a completely accurate way of knowing), it would be kinda nice to see what you guys are doing this summer!

I love y'all!

("Animated Guys" post to come soon... the posts take a long time to prepare, so I thought I'd put something in between.)

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