Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Absolute Favorite Foreign Songs

I almost always write about Japanese songs, but here is a list of my favorite songs from Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Iceland, and China.

"春夏秋冬" covered by Goose House

"Life is Like a Boat" by Rie Fu

"Pop Up!" by Goose House

"魔法の料理 〜君から君へ〜" covered by Goose House

"Koisuru Fortune Cookie" covered by Goose House

Get the guitar chords here!

"女の子は泣かない" by Rina Katahira featuring Kei Takebuchi

"NOW ON AIR" covered by Goose House

This song was performed on USTREAM on my sister's (and Manami's) birthday, and was later published on YouTube on my birthday.

"恋はヒラひらり" by Goose House

"今、走れ!" by Goose House

"虹" covered by Goose House

"Sing" (2014) by Goose House

"Sakura" by Ikimonogakari

"Music Hour" by Porno Graffitti & covered by Goose House

"Shanghai Honey" covered by Goose House

"Hana" by ORANGE RANGE & covered by Goose House

"我的天空" from Young Style

"Hanabi" by Ikimonogakari

This might be the song that sent me into full-blown J-pop/rock nerd mode. I even know how to play it on guitar. You can't really find the studio version of this song on YouTube, so I suggest purchasing the album.

"Life" by YUI

"My Pace" by Sunset Swish

"ร่มสีเทา/ฤดูอกหัก/ฤดูที่ฉันเหงา/ฤดูที่แตกต่าง - พาย ชา แอร์ หนวดนำเหนอ" by MusicClay2011

"Guren no Yumiya" by Linked Horizon & covered by Goose House

"Daisy" by Stereo Dive Foundation

"Scramble" by Yui Horie

"This Beautiful and Cruel World" by Hikasa Yoko

"Oto no Naru Hou e" by Goose House

"Hikaru Nara" by Goose House

My favorite part is from 3:27-the end. The bassline is what makes this better than the recorded version.

"Shiawase" by PUFFY

This is my absolute favorite PUFFY song (they are well-known in America for singing the Teen Titans theme and having their own show, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi), and should totally be covered by the girls of Goose House.

"K2G" by PUFFY

I'd add more PUFFY songs, but really you should just buy the entire NICE album, which includes "Teen Titans" as well.

"Lea Halalela" by Lebo M

"9,000 Days" by Overtone

"Um Oh Ah Yeh" by Mamamoo

"Gutes Tun" by Willemijn Verkaik

"Takes One to Know One" by Belinda

"Go Do" by Jonsi

Well, those are my favorite foreign songs. What are yours?

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