Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Short Rant on Why I Love My Volunteer Library Job

  1. Alone time! I have two hours after a long school day to basically just think to myself while performing my task. I don't have to work with angry patrons with overdue fines or answer the phone, even (I don't even think I'm allowed to do that). I can just do my task wherever I want to, and think. It helps me relax.
  2. Books. I'm surrounded by books! Of course, they're distracting. But whenever a book sale's about to go down, guess who knows which books will be worth buying? Me. Because if you go to one of my library's branches, I packed more than 30 boxes of them.
  3. Appreciation. Sometimes, the library aides have a slightly easier day because I get to help with their task or do one before they get there. So, they know they love me.
  4. Knowing how things work. I'm more of a "Why?" kind of person than "How?", but I like knowing how my library works and what goes on behind the desk. Speaking of that...
  5. Being behind the desk. There's something so mature about being all dolled up and working with papers behind the desk. Now, usually I'm wearing my school hoodie, but some days I do get dressed up, and I feel like a mini-librarian.
  6. Learning. The longer time I spend there, the more I learn. From botany to wedding planning to college preparation to becoming a master at putting things in alphabetical order, there is always something to learn everyday.
  7. It's enjoyable. I don't know how many hours I have added up. I forget about National Honor Society. I forget about Northwestern University. Yes, me. Forgetting about getting into Northwestern while I'm there. I volunteer simply because I like to, so I guess that's what makes it fun!

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