Friday, March 2, 2012

"I'll Bake You Pies!!!"

I love this parody. It's hilarious. Luke Conard is one of my newly favorite cover artists and he is my only fave parody artist, for the sheer fact that most parodies are stupid. This one's awesome. And, Luke did a cover of "I Wanna Go" and it sounds beautiful. I normally hate that song... well, Britney's version anyways. But Luke makes it sound like a love song... and not so much like a dirty one.

He also covered @meekakitty 's (her name is Tessa and she looks so much like Hayley Williams) "Wizard Love" with the girl who played Katniss, whose real name is Whitney. It's kinda about Harry Potter stuff. I'm not allowed to read or watch Harry Potter, and I have no idea what a Slytheryn or a Griffindor is, and I doubt I spelled either correctly. But I love the song.

ANYWAY... back to this one. There's a T-shirt for it!

Yep, hence the title, that's the name for the shirt. I posted the title before I even saw a picture of it! I'm sooo buying it... a $25 tee that would cost $10 at Wal-Mart...

And I love Whitney: "I get Peeta's buns in my oven for free!" Who wouldn't wanna have Peeta's children? After marriage, of course!


  1. I Love i'll bake you pies! Hey I'm 12 to! This is like all my class sings!

  2. Omg I love this song I'm like listening to it all the time with my friends! Love the shirt! I'm 12 too.

  3. Sorry! Ment omgoodness!

    1. It's alright... I say OMG all the time:) And thanks for visiting! I really appreciate it!


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