Friday, January 22, 2010

My iTunes plan

OK OK OK. I am buying myself an iTunes $20 card. I'm buying:

August Rush THE MOVIE!!! Yee! (Hopish for "Yay!")
Main Title (song from August Rush)
Break (another song from August Rush by Johnathan Rys Meyers)
This Time (same movie, Johnathan Rys Meyers)
Bari Improv (August Rush)
Raise It Up (my fav: Jamia Simone-Nash and the IMPACT repertory theater: CHRISTIAN SONG!)
August's Rhapsody (this is one of the best, THE ENDING SONG!!! So sad!)
Whatcha Say (Jason Derulo)
Someday (this is the ending credit song for august rush by... idk)
Halo (Beyonce`)

Add up the price...

August rush costs ten dollars and every song is one dollar except for Halo maybe so the price is...

$19.29 that is if Halo is $1.29. But if it is only one dollar, it's $19.00!

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