Thursday, August 23, 2012

Look Past the Differences, Kids (and eat more chicken)

I know, I know. Who am I to call you guys kids when I'm just a piece of fresh meat in high school. But don't be offended, I call everybody kids.

Today in school was... tough. I'm really liking freshman year--- all the kids I despised last year are either friends with me now, stopped going to my school, have started to like me, or only have one class with me. Things are a lot better now that I'm done with eighth grade (but don't worry--- Eighth Graders Anonymous won't get deleted!). But every once in awhile, something happens that gets me really upset.

Today was one of those days. Before school, I was chilling with some friends when a friend showed a picture of two men during a proposal for some TV show that leaked the photo. They were all like, "aw! They're gonna have them get married!" and I'm just standing here like
^THIS^ and then my gay friend is like, "How do you think the homophobes are gonna respond to this?" and then my other LGBT friend made a face like...

And I'm over here like

I think you know what side of the argument I'm on by now, and it's not the popular side at the moment. Because of what I believe, BECAUSE OF WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS, I am:
  1. A hater
  2. A homophobe--- which doesn't even make sense because no one is afraid of homos
  3. Someone who might as well "go to hell"
  4. A hypocrite of a Christian
  5. Not apart of civilized society
  6. Stupid
  7. Plain mean
  8. Did I mention being a hater?
Don't you just hate being the bad guy? Thanks to my upbringing, I am now worse off than the Lizard in Spider-Man, Ursula, Voldemort, The Silence in Doctor Who, the devil himself. Yeah. For society to be all "accepting", all they're doing is condemning anyone who feels slightly different. If they just took the time to hear my side of the story. If they would JUST LISTEN.

After the conversation, me and my non biological twin were walking to our cubbies (I told you last year--- do not make fun of my cubby). Being my twin, she knows when something's wrong. Anyone would know with the above facial expressions that I wanted to slap someone. "I don't see how people are offended by that," she said. In a much nicer way than my other liberal friends would have.

"I'm offended by how people keep calling me a homophobe," I responded. "I'm not afraid of gay people, you heathens. But I thought I made it clear that I didn't stand for that stuff, and I'm sick of people shoving it in my face. I wish they would just accept that we have different opinions on it and move on."

And then, in Language Arts, we were talking about birds. "I really want chicken right now," I said. "Thanks a lot, Hope. Now I'M hungry!" A friend said. "I just want some Chick-Fil-A," I said.
"Noooo you don't."
"Yessss I do."
"Do you know what's going on over there right now?"
"Yup. And I'm still gonna eat there."
"I will never eat there again. Their sandwiches aren't even that good."

Agree to disagree. Okay. You can call the place a hateful business for their beliefs. But as soon as you bring food into this... it. is. over.

Back to the subject! Sorry, I just really am sensitive about chicken. Chick-fil-A is a Christian organization. The people know that the owner probably does not support gay marriage, so why even... I can't even. Listen up, though.

Imagine a world where we all based what we bought off of the founder's beliefs. Chick-fil-A founder doesn't support gay marriage. So and so don't support our troops. This company supports abortion. As soon as we disagree with someone, we disconnect ourselves from them.

See why that doesn't work? We have different opinions, if you did that you would not have much at all. Why? Because NO ONE believes exactly the same thing you do. One of the pastors at my church doesn't like "The Hunger Games," but I do. A friend supports abortion, I don't. I support our troops (my dad is one), my friend doesn't because of his religion. And I am okay with that.

Another thing I need to squeeze in. In advisory today (girls, you can relate), we had pretty much a free period and these guys say "Hope, stand up and tell me if you can see your toes." I was like, what the heck. But I did it anyway.

"Yeah, I can see my toes." They all started cracking up. I walked over there. "Okay, guys. What did you REALLY mean by that?" Complete silence. Then I got it. They wanted to see if I could see past my boobs.

Now, if you go to my school, then you know that people are constantly teasing me about my body--- my skin tone (I look Latina or Asian), my arms (not very muscular), my chest (obviously). And it's quite bothersome. If I try to tan one more time, I will acquire skin cancer. I already have enough arm muscle from when I was a gymnast (and not all gymnasts end up looking like Jordyn Wieber and Aly Raisman--- I'm more like Gabby Douglas). And every girl has a different sized chest.

So why can't you understand that we're not all the same? Because that seems to be your argument on pretty much everything. You are just as close-minded as we get called because you don't take the time to listen.

When a friend of mine "came out of the closet," the first thing he said was, "I know you're a homophobe and all..." and that really bothered me. I don't want people to think I hate them because I don't like certain things that they do. After we were done talking, I hugged him, because I don't hate him. I don't like what he's doing. I don't ever want anyone to feel like they can't be around me because of my beliefs. That's like acting as if I'm some bishop or whatever. And even the church itself doesn't hate you. We're supposed to "show the power of Your love", not spread the hate.

So all I'm asking. ALL I'M ASKING is that everyone can just look past their differences and realize what we are. We are ALL the children of God. We are ONE. We all sin. We have different body sizes. We listen to different types of music. We eat our chicken from different places (Chick-fil-A is where you'll find me!). We have different IQs. Different talents. Different personalities.

Stop judging. Because as long as we judge one another, we're just a part of our country's downfall. Our world's downfall.

"We'll stand together. Together, tear our devils down. And they will fall like feathers..."
-Deas Vail 

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  1. Oh,Hope! I glad you mention me in a kinda good way! And Hope! Speak up for yourself, you know I love you just the way you are (You will always be my non-biological twin)! How is it that is making fun of you? They WILL stop!


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