Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Values

I was just looking through current events because, well, current events are cool, right? If I'm gonna major in journalism, I might as well read them. I love that I'm gonna major in that... marketable but fun at the same time! Plus, in Dayton, journalism is working pretty great! It's a great starting place--- we've got the Dayton Daily News, Dayton's News Source, and all this other really great stuff.

I try to avoid controversial articles because I get angry--- VERY EASILY. But I found this very, um, interesting thing on Christian Newswire.

This happened like, four years ago (not too "current", eh?), when same sex marriage was legalized in California. The San Francisco school district sponsored a first grade field trip to a teacher's wedding.

"I doubt the school has ever taken kids on a field trip to a traditional wedding," Schubert, somebody related to the issue, said.

"Prop. 8 protects our children from being taught in public schools that'same-sex marriage' is the same as traditional marriage," said Santa Ana Unified School District board member Rosemarie "Rosie" Avila. "We should not accept a court decision that results in public schools teaching our kids that gay marriage is okay. That is an issue for parents to discuss with their children according to their own values and beliefs. It shouldn't be forced on us against our will," Avila added.

I couldn't agree any more. Even if you DO stand for that (sorry, I know this is the second post in a row talking about this), do you think it is right to force certain opinions onto children? Young children, at that. When I was in first grade, I hardly knew what homosexuality was. Why expose someone that young to something so controversial?

It's bad enough that I have to learn about "The Experience of Gay Americans" in U.S. History this year, and I'm in high school. I believe that schools need to BACK OFF of this topic. Why?

Family values. Christian families, Muslim families, Jewish families, Catholic families, Conservative families, Liberal families. We all have different opinions due to our religions, our upbringing, our community, our friends. So why force one tiny opinion down millions of peoples' throats? It's just going to hurt people.

Just like how I mentioned in my last post how I am constantly misunderstood for my beliefs (I should join a debate team, shouldn't I?). People think I'm like, Hitler or something. But it is what I believe, and I am not willing to change that for the world.

Families need to hold on to what they believe. Parents need to talk to their children about controversial topics and what they believe. The kids don't have to believe what their parents do, but parents need to make it clear what they believe while the children are young.

A great way to do so is through homeschooling. You don't have to homeschool your kids, I don't think I'll even homeschool mine, but it is great to be the one teaching your kids if you have the time. Why? If you're like me, when your mom asks how your day was, you say "good." And when she asked what you learned, you just say "eh, the same as any other day." But if you're the teacher, you KNOW what they're learning. What I would like to see someone do? Get secular curriculum and find what's in there. Then teach your kids your perspective of it. Why?

When I began public school in eighth grade after being homeschooled (not online) my whole life, I was definitely surprised by these kids' backgrounds, upbringings, and views. No, I wasn't CRUSHED by the "real" world. Just surprised. I was like, "Whoa. This is... not like church. At all." I remember being shocked by how many cuss words were coming out of these girls' mouths in the bathroom. Yeah, that's normal to me now. I felt like a little kid in the midst of giants. So not to blame my mom or anything, but parents, do discuss such things with your children. Whatever matters most to you.

Teenagers, don't simply abandon what you believe. Kids, even. Stand up for what you believe. It will make you feel stronger in the end, even if everyone says you're wrong. I stand for Chick-fil-A. I stand for Conservative Christianity, the Assemblies of God and other Pentecostal churches. I stand for the United States. I stand for unborn babies (no matter how high-risk the pregnancy is. Unless a baby is growing in your filopian tubes. That would be bad). I stand for what I believe, and I will defend it until the battle is won.

So, overall, my point is: Family values still matter. This country is slowly becoming more and more... ugh. Society is becoming ugh. Stand up for what you believe guys. Time is running out.

Christian Newswire, "Gay Wedding Field Trip???"

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